agonda beach

Agonda beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in south Goa . This beach also has a turtle nesting site. Agonda beach is located in Agonda village. The distance from Panaji is 70 km. You will not see a lot of crowds on the beach. The beach is beautiful and both ends of the beach are different, on one side you will see a small hill with trees and the backwater of Agonda where they meet the ocean another side of the beach looks pretty beautiful compared to the other, this site you will see rocks everywhere and its look beautiful and you can walk on this rock and reach to the other beach.

Things to do at Agonda Beach

Swimming-Agonda beach is safe for swimmers and you can swim in the ocean.

Shopping - You will find lots of shopping centres near the beach

Boating at Backwaters-You can hire a boat and enjoy your boating

Horse riding- There are lots of horse riding options available.

Spa and Beauty - There are lots of spas and parlours who want to take the spa they can get themselves there.

Places to stay near Agonda Beach

You will see lots of hotels, resorts and other places available near to the beach as well off the beach. Rooms price start from 1000 rs to above.

How to reach Agonda Beach

Agonda beach by road

Agonda is well connected with transport. Panjim is around 70 km. You will easily get local and public transport to reach

Nearest Railway station

Margao is the nearest railway station to Agonda and it is around 40 km away.

Nearest airport

The nearest airport is Panjim International airport and it is 70 km from Agonda.

Local Transportation

Goa is very well developed by tourism and every year there millions of tourist visit. You can easily find a local taxi, auto and bus to reach your destination. It is very easy to get if you want to rent a car, bike, or scooter.

Best Season to visit

The best season is between October to March

Places to visit near Agonda