Aksa Beach

About Aksa Beach, Malad

Aksa Beach is famous and one of the most beautiful beaches in Malad, Mumbai. Aksa Beach is the cleanest beach in Mumbai, you will not find trash there. Aksa Beach is connected with Marve Beach and Dana Pani Beach and both beaches are amazing. In the evening you will see a beautiful sunset at Aksa Beach.

Lots of Bollywood movies were shot at Aksa Beach. Sagar, Luck by chance and many movies shot at Aksa Beach. Salman Khan's movie God Tussi Great Ho and famous song “ Tuje Aksa Beach Ghumau Aa Chalti Kya” gave fame to this beach.

On the weekend you will find thousands of Mumabikar visiting and enjoying Aksa Beach.

I visited so many Mumbai beaches and in my opinion, Aksa Beach best beach in Mumbai and it is also the best place for couples in Mumbai to spend some good time with each other.

Places to visit near Aksa Beach Mumbai

1) Madh Island –

Madh Island Beach is also a very famous beach in Mumbai and tourists are increasing day by day to this beach. Madh Island Beach is close to Aksa Beach and it is just around 4 to 5 km from the Aksa.

2) Dana Pani Beach –

Dana Pani Beach is located south side of Aksa Beach. It is a less-known beach in Mumbai and you will not find too many crowds compared to Aksa Beach and Madh Island Beach. Dana Pani Beach is a very small size beach and

3) Marve Beach -

Marve Beach is also located in Malad West and this beach is connected with Aksa Beach. Marve Beach is also well connected with the local transport and you will find the best place to visit in Mumbai.

4) Pagoda -

Global Vipassana Centre is located in Gorai, Mumbai and it is one of the major tourist attraction points in Mumbai. The architecture of the Pagoda is very beautiful and the main dome of this architect is the largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars. Pagoda is made for peace and harmony.

5) The Water Kingdom and Esselworld -

Water Kingdom and Esselworld are located in Gorai and it is close to Malad. Water Kingdom is a water park and here you have water sports like rides, lazy rivers and many more. Esselworld is an amusement park and it is one the most visited places in Mumbai.

6) Borivali Sanjay Gandhi National Park -

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in Borivali and it is a famous place in Mumab to visit. This place is a reserve forest land in Mumbai city and this place is home to many wild animals like leopards, Deer and many other animals. Kanheri Cave is also built in Sanajy Gandhi National Park. There are entry fees for the tourist and a separate ticket is applicable if you want to take a jungle safari to watch Lion and Tiger. During the monsoon you will see lots of small and big waterfalls.

Best time to visit Aksa Beach

The best time to visit Aksa Beach is from October to February. During this duration temperature of the Mumbai cools down and the humidity is lower you can visit any time at your convenience but try to visit in the evening or morning, try to avoid in the afternoon.

Other Essential information

  • Wear Slippers or sandals avoid shoes and high heel sandals
  • Use sunscreen lotion
  • Goggles
  • Hat / Cap
  • Extra clothes if you are swimming
  • Do not swim in high tide and go deep inside the beach
  • Aksa beach is the cleanest beach so don’t throw your stuff anywhere use dustbin box.

How to reach Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach is very well connected with Mumbai and Thane city. Mumbai is 27 km and Thane city is 38 km.

Nearest Railway Station - The Nearest railway station is Malad railway station and it is only 9 km away from Aksa Beach.

By Bus - There are so many bus services are to reach to reach Aksa Beach from various places. From Malad West there is the BEST bus service available bus no is 271 and the ticket is between 10 to 15 rs per person.

Aksa Beach Distance

  • Borivali to Aksa Beach -11.8km
  • Andheri to Aksa Beach - 20.5km
  • Juhu Beach to Aksa Beach -17.7km
  • Thane to Aksa Beach - 36km
  • Goregaon to Aksa Beach - 13.3km

  • Frequently Ask Questions

    Aksa Beach is famous for so many reasons, first is its beautiful golden sand and clean beach. It is also famous for films, TV serials and ad shoots. Aksa Beach is also famous for its long coastline and beautiful sunset view.
    Yes, It is safe to visit Aksa Beach in the morning. You will see most of the nearby residents do their morning walk, physical activity and yoga at Aksa Beach.
    Yes it is safe to visit at night but you have to take some safety measurements for yourself while visiting at night.
    Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean.
    Yes, it is more than visiting and you will see one of the best places in Mumbai for hangout.
    No, It is dangerous to swim in the sea, cause there have been some incidents that happened in the past some people lost their lives while swimming in the ocean.
    Aksa Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai as well as in Maharashtra.