Ashoka Waterfall (Vihigaon Waterfall)

Ashoka Waterfall is located near Vihigaon village, Kasara Taluka. Ashoka waterfall is one of the most visited and beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai, Thane, New Mumbai and Nashik cities. Bollywood king Khan 'Shahrukh Khan's' movie 'The Great Ashoka' movies some parts were shot here. Ashoka waterfall is on the Vaitarna river. On the weekends you will find lots of tourists visiting the waterfall in the monsoon duration.

Best activities in Ashoka Waterfall


There are lots of things to do at Ashoka Waterfall

  • Scenic View and Photography
  • Enjoy nature's beautiful lush greenery and capture the beautiful moments with your camera.

  • Nature Walk and Hiking/Trekking
  • You will find lots of beautiful places near the waterfall and in the walkable area, you will find the Middle Vaitarana Dam.

  • Water Rappelling
  • Some private groups are arranging water-repelling activities at Ashoka waterfall. As per my knowledge, they charge around 1200 rs per person and you will find a website for the water-repelling activity.

  • Swimming
  • You can go swimming at the pond of Ashoka Waterfall.

  • Local Culture Exploration
  • Visit the surrounding village and explore the culture and the tradition.

Ashoka Waterfall (Vihigaon Waterfall)

How to reach Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

Mumbai To Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

Ashoka waterfall is 116 km from the Mumbai city. If you want to reach by road then the Mumbai-Agra national highway will lead you to your destination. Mumbai–Thane (Majiwada) - Bhiwandi By Pass - Padgha - Kasara - Vihigaon. Once you start the ghat area at Kasara you will find a left turn towards the Vihigaon. If you want to save your time to reach Vihigaon waterfall. Catch a Kasara local train from your nearest central railway station, from Kasara railway station you will find a shared taxi near the Kasara railway station.

Igatpuri to Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

From Igatpuri, the Ashoka waterfall distance is only 15 kms and it will take only 30 minutes to reach Ashoka waterfall. You can hire a private vehicle to reach here. Igatpuri railway station is only 13 km from the Vihigaon waterfall and it is the nearest railway station if visitors visit Asoka waterfall from the Nashik district.

Kasara to Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

Kasara is the nearest railway station to Ashoka ( Vihigaon) Waterfall for the Mumbai tourists. On the monsoon days, you will find shared taxis are available from Kasara to Vihigaon.

Nashik to Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

Nashik to Ashoka waterfall distance is only 60kms and you will find lots of travellers visiting the Ashoka (Vihigaon) waterfall from Nashik. It is one of the main attraction tourist destinations near Nashik.

Nearest Railway station for Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall


The nearest railway station is Kasara if you are coming from Mumbai and Igatpuri railway station if you are coming from Nashik. Both railway station is 13 km from the Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall.

Best season to visit at Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall

Ashoka (Vihigaon) Waterfall is the pinnacle season is from June to September end. Vacationers design their excursions generally at the end of the week to make the most of their excursions with loved ones. On Saturday and Sunday, you will discover bunches of groups.

Food and convenience

TVihogaon village is a very small village and you will not find any hotel or restaurant near the Ashoka waterfall. There are only 2 or 3 small stalls near the waterfall and you will find only hot tea/coffee, Vada Pav and Maggie only. Once you reach Kasara or Igatpuri then you will find hotels and restaurants as per your choices.

Is Ashoka Waterfall Open

You can visit this beautiful waterfall during the monsoon duration and it is one of the safest waterfalls near Mumbai and Nashik. During heavy rainfall villagers and local authorities close visiting the waterfall due to safety concern.