Dubai may be the UAE’s second-largest emirate but it is unique in its own right. Its uber-pulsating city skyline, unmatched leisure and entertainment options, exceptional events, and mega-shopping opportunities all make it a year-round attraction. But if you are still confused about the best time to visit in Dubai, this book offers a season-by-season and a month-by- month guide to help you plan an Arabian holiday according to your unique preferences.

Main Dubai Seasons

Peak Season:

Mid-November to mid-March is the high season in Dubai. It is when the weather is cool and salubrious, and the city is at its best, with an array of events, performances, outdoor activities, and seasonal attractions at every turn. This time also indicates that airline and hotel accommodation rates will be at their peak, so advanced booking is highly recommended.

Shoulder Season:

It is usually from April to May and mid-September to October. Traveling to Dubai during these months lets you enjoy the best of both worlds, with low accommodation rates, milder weather, and relatively fewer crowds.

Low Season:

This season indicates the extreme summer months from June to August. With the mercury soaring over 50 degrees Celsius, visiting Dubai during this period may not be ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. That said, it is the best time to enjoy a budget holiday in Dubai, as everything from accommodations and airline tickets to sightseeing excursions and theme park tickets is available at exceptional price cuts in these months.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai: Things to Look Forward to in Dubai Month-Wise

January is the Month of Exciting Events and Performances

Dubai is at its best in January, with almost all seasonal events and attractions, including the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Global Village, Dubai Miracle Garden, etc., in full swing. It is one of the best times to visit Dubai for those craving a winter holiday with the best outdoor fun and exciting entertainment activities. But make sure you dress in layers, especially during your evening outings to the desert, beaches, etc., with the temperature dropping to an average of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius.

February is Full of Festive Charm

The weather continues to be chilly this month, ranging from 14 to 20 degrees Celsius. It makes it the perfect time in Dubai to party hard, go on fishing or yacht tours, enjoy water activities, and participate in various events and shows, including the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and Taste of Dubai, to name a few.

March is Still Cool with Fantastic Experiences

Winter may wane, but this month is perhaps the most pleasant as the salubrious breeze and refreshing activities awash the city. Besides being the ideal time to have the utmost water and outdoor fun, March is the time to be part of the most anticipated events, including the Dubai World Cup.

April Brings the Best of Both Worlds

It kicks off the spring season in Dubai! Perfect pool weather and discounted accommodations and airline tickets are some of the highlights of traveling to Dubai in April. It is also when visitors can immerse themselves in the unrivaled festive vibe of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. And did we say that the most iconic seasonal attractions like Global Village and Miracle Garden will close for the season this month?

May is Lively, Too!

The heat begins to take over the city in May, but it is still bearable, making it the ideal time for desert trips, beach activities, cruises, and picnics.

June: Summer is Officially Here

AIn June, Dubai gets really hot, with an average temperature of 39 degrees Celsius and about 11 to 12 hours of sunshine. While venturing outdoors is unthinkable, this month is still a great time to visit Dubai, particularly for those seeking a holiday with exceptionally reduced hotel and airline prices.

July with Price Cuts Everywhere

This month sees Dubai sweltering as the temperature soars to 45 degrees Celsius. That said, it is when you can see the city in its crowd-free version because most expats fly out of the country to spend their annual vacation. The bonus is incredible discounted rates on almost everything, like hotel reservations, airline tickets, theme park entry tickets, guided tours, etc.

August is the Hottest Month

Temperature peaks in this month, going up to 50 degrees Celsius. But Dubai’s many indoor attractions (like Ski Dubai, Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai Ice Rink, etc.) and exclusive events such as Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), which is DSF’s summer version.

September is the Respite Time

It is when Dubaiites feel slightly relieved from the intense desert heat. With temperatures gradually declining to 40 degrees Celsius, you can set sail on a dhow cruise, go on a city tour, and make the most of Dubai’s malls, theme parks, and other leisure options.

October Sees the Start of Seasonal Attractions


Temperature mellows to about 32 to 35 degrees Celsius in this month, resulting in the onset of the most looked-forward-to seasonal venues and events like Gitex and Dubai Fashion Week. Get your Miracle Garden, Dubai Garden Glow, and Global Village tickets online for hassle-free access to these fantastic attractions.

November is Rife with Activities

This month experiences a fabulous cool-down, with temperatures dipping between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. It makes it one of the top touristic months, perfect for desert safaris, dhow cruises, yacht tours, and water sports, among other outdoor leisure activities. You can also participate in prestigious events, shows, and live music concerts.

December Presents the Winter Charm in its Full Vigor

An indescribable charm envelops the city in December as it overflows with exclusive winter activities and celebrations. Shop at outdoor Christmas markets, plan magical desert parties, and be part of the grandest-ever New Year's Eve parties. Dubai is one of the few destinations where you can celebrate the New Year’s arrival just as you want.


Whether looking for an amusing summer or a pleasant winter Dubai holiday, this city never fails to impress you with its extensive line-up of attractions and experiences in every season. So, to zero in on the best time and season to visit Dubai, analyze your priorities during the upcoming holiday and make sure you take inspiration from this exclusive guide.