About Bhandardara hill station

Bhandardara is a tourist attraction town in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Bhandardara is close to the Igatpuri. Bhandardara is situated in the western ghat of India. Bhandardara is loved by tourists. This village is located in Akole Tehsil, Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra state. Bhandardara is surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests and dams. Bhandardara is almost 185km from Mumbai and Pune is about 165km. Bhandardara is a heritage place for tourists. Bhandardara village sits on the Pravara River. Bhandardara village's economy is majorly driven by agriculture and tourism. Because of tourism not only Bhandardara but nearby villages also earn from tourism. In Bhandardara we have too many tourist places to visit. Tourists can find too many historical and natural places to visit. We also find campaigning at Bhandardara near to the village. We can go to waterfalls, trekking at mountains, repelling, and tracking in the valley. We also find budget hotels as well as 3-star hotels in Bhandardara only because of the tourist attraction.

Places to visit in Bhandardara hill station

Bhandardara is a god gift location here you will get lots of places to visit, here are some for you.

1) Arthur Hill lake/ Bhandardara Lake –


Arthur Hill Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Maharashtra. Arthur Lake is around 34km long and because of that, it is one of the biggest in Maharashtra. Arthur Hill Lake is very close to the Bhandardara village. Arthur Lake received its water from the Pravara River. In Arthur Lake, we had a Wilson Dam. If you are planning to visit this lake don't hesitate and come and enjoy the morning walk and near the lake and take a boat ride in the sunset and feel the nature of love and beauty.

Here you can see the beautiful blue water Lake, boating and most important is where you can spend good quality time with your friends, family or with your loving partner.

The best time to visit Arthur Hill Lake is in the morning and the evening

2) Umbrella waterfall –

Umbrella  Waterfall

Umbrella Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra. In the rainy season, the Wilson dam overflows and it created a waterfall and look very pretty. If you visit Bhandardara in the monsoon you should visit the Umbrella waterfall. Umbrella waterfall is near the Wilson Dam gate. When the water overflows from the height of 500 feet of the Wilson Dam water comes and it looks like the white milk is coming from the dam this view of Umbrella Waterfall get your all attention, you will feel that this view is so beautiful.

On the waterfall, the government constructed a bridge for the tourist who wants to see a beautiful Umbrella waterfall from close.

Umbrella waterfall is a seasonable place so make sure you visit in the Rainy season. Nearby long trees are covering this place.

Umbrella Waterfall is just 4 hours away from Mumbai and Pune city.

3) Amruteshwar Temple -

Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is located in Ratanwadi village, Ahmednagar and it is close to 30km from the Bhandardara village. Amruteshwar Temple is an ancient temple and it is built by King Jhanj of the Shilahar dynasty in the 9th Century. This000mple is devoted to Lord Shiva and this temple is around 1200 years old. Amruteshwar Temple is built on Black stone and you will find a great architect and great sculpture. Amruteshwar Temple is located on the other side of Arthur Hill Lake. If you go by boat from the Bhandardara it is only a 6km and 4km walk journey toward the Ratanwadi village

This place is very famous for tourism and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

4) Kalsubai peak -


Kalsubai peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra State. Barvi village is the starting point of this hill. Kalsubai hill station is located between Nashiik's Igatpuri Talukaa and Ahmednagar's Akole taluka. Easiest way to reach Kalsubai is to get a train and reach Igatpuri station from there you can find local transport for Bari village. The height of the peak is 1646 meters from sea level. It would take around 4 hours to ascend the mountain. Kalsubai peak is highest mountain in Maharashtra state. hill station is located between Nashiik's Igatpuri Taluka and Ahmednagar's Akole taluka. The easiest way to reach Kalsubai is to get a train and reach Igatpuri station from there you can find local transport for Bari village. The height of the peak is 1646 meters from sea level. It would take around 4 hours to ascend the mountain. Kalsubai peak is the highest mountain

5) Bhandardara Dam / Wilson Dam -


Wilson Dam Wilson Dam is constructed on the Pravara River. It is constructed in the year of 1910. Wilson Dam was constructed 150 meters above sea level. Bhandardara is one of the oldest dams in India. The height of the Wilson Dam is 507 meters. The total irrigation area of the project is 57,000 hector. Wilson Dam construction start on the year of 1910 and it took 16 years to fully complete

Wilson Dam is also known as a Bhandardara Dam. In the monsoon season when dam overflow that time Umbrella waterfall create and tourists gathered to visit both places. You can also do boating in the Wilson dam. Wilson Dam provides the water of Ahmednagar and the district of Maharashtra.

Best time to visit Wilson Dam is between June to October.

6) Randha falls -


Randha Waterfall is one of the main tourist destinations in the monsoon season. Randha Waterfall is situated on the Pravara River. Tourists from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Ahmednagar also visit this place. Randha Waterfall is about 8 km. from the Bhandardara village. Randha fall drop from a height of 170 feet. On the side of the Randha Fall, there is the temple of Ghorpada Devi. This place is also famous for Bollywood films Maine Pyaar Kiya, Prem, Kurbaan, Raju Chacha and many other movies scenes were shot here

7) Ratangad fort -


Ratangad Fort is located in the Ratanwadi village. It is 13km from Bhandardara. We don't know who built the Ratangad Fort but it was captured by the Maratha empire's first king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Ratangad Fort is also known as 'Nedhe'

Ratangad Fort was situated at the height of 4250 feet and it is also famous for trekking.

Ratangad Fort has 4 main gates, and they are known as Hanuman, Ganesh, Konkan and Trimbak. The best season for trekking is between October to February.

8) Harishchandra fort -


Harishchandra fort is located in Ahmednagar district on the Sahyadri Mountain range. Harishchandra fort is one the famous tourist destination for trekking and it is included in the Bhandardara tourism. Harishchandra Fort is around 50 km from Bhandardara village and situated at the height of 1424 meters. Fort was built in the 6th sanctuary by the Kalchuri dynasty. Harishchandra fort was captured by Mughal, Martha, British then now it is under the Government of India.

On the Harishchandra Fort, there are four places to visit

  • Saptatirtha Pushkarmi
  • Kedareshwar Cave
  • Kokan Kada
  • Taramati Peak.

1 Saptatirtha Pushkarmi 2 Kedareshwar Cave 3 Kokan Kada 4 Taramati Peak. For trekking on Harishchandra Fort, they’re a total of 4 to 5 ways to reach the top and the best season is between October to February.

9) Malshej ghat -

Malshej ghat is situated at a height of 700 meters above sea level. Malshej Ghat pass is a range of Western ghat of India. Malshej comes in the Pune district. Malshej is one of the most beautiful ghats in Maharashtra.

It is 155km from Mumbai and Pune is 140 km. Malshej is a very remote area you will not find any hotel or any villages near to the Malshej ghat.

If you want to visit Malshej the best time to visit is from October to December. The waterfalls of Malshej are famous, most Marathi movies scene were shot there.

Things to do in Bhandardara

Ratangad Fort Trekking, Lakeside camping, Umbrella Waterfalls, Randha Falls, Wilson Dam, Boating at Arthur Lake, Trek to the Kalsubai Peak, Bhandardara Fireflies Festival, and many more things you can do in Bhandardara.

Bhandardara is one of the famous tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Bhandardara’s beauty attracts all people.

1> Bhandardara Lake Campaign is also known as the Arthur Lake Campaign. The lakeside campaign is very famous in Bhandardara people most of the stay here to witness the beauty of Bhandardara Lake and the price approximately starts from the 1500 rs. You can find many online sites gives some offer on the lakeside campaign

2> Boating at Arthur Lake you can do boating in Arthur Lake and feel how beautiful and big it is. The approximate price for boating per person is 200 rs. ow beautiful and big it is. The approximate price for boating per person is 200 rs.

3> Trekking to Kalsubai peak, Harishchandra Fort and Ratangad Fort who love to trek the mountain they will love these places for trekking

4> Sandan Valley is one of the famous tourist destinations in Bhandardara. Sandhan valley is 2nd largest valley in Asia.

5> In monsoon season you have to visit Umbrella Waterfall and Randha waterfall this place is wonderful to see

How to reach Bhandardara

Bhandardara village is located in Akole Tehsil, Ahmednagar District. It is 185km from Mumbai City and Pune city it is around 165km. It is very well connected with the other parts of the city. We can reach Bhandardara by road and by train. The nearest place is Igatpuri where you can easily access the Bhandardara.

Mumbai to Bhandardara

Bhandardara is about 185 km from Mumbai City. If you are coming from Mumbai take Mumbai-Agra Highway and drive your vehicle to Igatpuri and take a right turn towards Akole-Bhandardara road this route will take you to your destination. It would take your 4.30 hours journey to reach Bhandardara. If you coming by train then the nearest railway station is Igatpuri. From Igatpuri you would get shared private taxi and state transport buses for Bhandardara village.

Pune to Bhandardara

The distance between Bhandardara and Pune city is around 155km. It would take around 5 hours to reach Bhandardara. You should take Pune-Manchar-Rajur road to reach. From Pune, there is no railway to Bhandardara. To reach Bhandardara you also have private cabs and state transport buses>

Nashik to Bhandardaara

Nashik to Bhandardara distance is around 70km it would take 2 hours of journey by road. You can take train from Nashik station and reach Igatpuri station from there you can get shared taxis and state trasnport buses for Bhandardara. From Nashik as well there is bus services for Bhadardara.

Thane to Bhandardara distance

Thane to Bhandardara distance is 147 km. The best route to reach Bhandardara from Thane is Thane-Igatpuri-Bhandardara.

Nearest railway station to Bhandardara

The nearest railway station is Igatpuri. People can take the express train from Mumbai or Nashik direction and come to Igatpuri station. The distance between Igatpuri and Bhandardara is 45km and it will take 1 hour to reach Bhandardara. From Igatpuri we can get private and government transport services to reach Bhandardara.

Nearest airport to Bhandardara

The nearest airport is Pune which is 157 km. and Mumbai International airport is 167 km from Bhandardara. From this airport, you can easily get any taxi to Bhandardara.

Local transporatation in Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a famous tourist destination is in Maharashtra, people come here from all the side of India. For the local transport, there are private taxis and state transport buses are easily available, Taxis are quite famous because they are easily available compare to state transport buses and they use a shared system.

Best hotel and resort to stay in Bhandardara -

We can find the normal range to high figure amount of property in Bhandardara. Bhandardara is one of the famous and growing tourism places. First, we have a lakeside campaign and the price starts from 1200 rs to 3500 rs per person depend on the services. Second, we have hotels prices start from approximately 1000 rs to above depending on how the hotel is. The third is we have 3-star 4-star resort and these resorts are luxurious in Bhandardara one-night charge is starting from 5k to 25k

Best time to visit Bhandardara-

Bhandardara is a hillside place if you want to visit Bhandardara best time is between August to January. In the Rainy season you will see greenery everywhere in Bhandardara also you will see the Umbrella and Randha Waterfalls. In the winter season, you will have a cold temperature and it gives the feeling that you have come to north India. If we break into the rainy and winter season then the winter season is peak time for Bhandardara.