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About Igatpuri

Igatpuri is located in Nashik District and it is a small hill station near Mumbai. It is situated in the Western Ghat of India. Igatpuri is 2000 ft above sea level. After the foundation of the Vipassana centre, it becomes to the limelight various travellers visit Dhamma giri. Igatpuri has Natural greatness to attract people. Its Mountains, Rivers, Dams, Fort and various things to see for travellers. This hill station is close to Mumbai and Nashik city. This place is situated on Mumbai Agra National Highway.

The geography of Igatpuri is 15sqkm. As indicated by the Indian Census of 2011, the population of Igatpuri is 30,989. The sex extent is 965. The literacy rate is more than 75% and it is greater than the national literacy rate. Most of the people belong to Agri Samaj.

Where is Igatpuri

Igatpuri is located in Nashik District. It is the starting point of Nashik district from the south end. From Nashik City, it's 45 km and from Mumbai is 120km. This hill station is very easy to reach from anywhere. It is located on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway.

How to reach Igatpuri


Igatpuri From Mumbai by road and train -It is 120 km from Mumbai. It will take 2.30 hrs to 3 hrs to reach Igatpuri hill station. If you plan to come here by train then you need to get the train from Central Railways CSTM, Dadar, LTT, Thane or Kalyan station.

Igatpuri From Kasara -Once you reach Kasara station from the west side of the station you will see a taxi stand these cabs will take you from Igatpuri to Nashik city. Most of Mumbaikar reach Kasara and then hired a taxi from Kasara because Local train services are more compare to Mail trains.

Igatpuri From Nashik by road and train -From Nashik city, it is only 45 km and it took around 1 hour to reach by road. From Nashik, travellers can find local share auto, taxis and state transport buses towards the Igatpuri

Why Igatpuri is a tourist attraction point.

It is a vacation destination point since you will never discover city tumult here. This spot is encircled essentially magnificence you will discover vegetation all over the place. The big mountain range of Western Ghat. Big Dams, Historical Fort, Kalsubai peak you can relax here and visit nature, dams, and rivers. Most Friends and family plan their One-day or multiple-day journey plan to visit Igatpuri. The Major Mumbai and Nashik city public used to travel here to have some good time.

Places to visit near Igatpuri

1) Tringalwadi Fort –

Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi Fort has located 10km from Igatpuri city. There are 2 courses to show up at the post. One is from Igatpuri it goes from close by towns and the second from Igatpuri – Ghoti-Tringalwadi Fort. This fort is worked around the 10th century. This fortress to build because to have eyes on the trade space of the Konkan Nashik route. This fort was constrained by Mughals, Maratha, and the last rule of this fortification was British India Now this fort was under of Indian Government. This fortification was worked at 3200 feet above sea level. Fortress condition is an amazingly horrendous situation. No one is keeping up the stronghold.

2) Vaitarna Dam –

Vaitarna Dam

Vaitarna Dam is also called Modaksagar Dam. Vaitarna Dam is around 25 km away from the Igatpuri Railway station and it is especially connected with vehicle organizations. Vaitarna Dam is one of the huge voyager protests of Igatpuri. Vaitarna Dam was based on the Vaitarna River in the year of 1957. This dam is huge. It comes to Igatpuri and Palghar area. It is owned by BMC (Brihimumbai Mahanagar Palika). Vaitarna Dam is 8o meters deep and 500 meters in length. The outright storing of the Vaitarna Dam is 204,980.00 km3 In Vaitarna Dam Fishing and swimming is restricted.

3) Vihigaon Waterfall (Ashoka Waterfall)-

Vihigaon Waterfall (Ashoka Waterfall)

Vihigaon is situated among Kasara and Igatpuri. If you move towards Igatpuri from Kasara Ghat following 10 minutes drive in Ghat you will get a left turn towards the Vihigaon Waterfall. The Waterfall gets water from Monsoon and Vaitarna Dam. Vihigaon Waterfall is also called Ashoka Waterfall.

From Nashik, it's 59km, Mumbai 115 km, Kalyan 90 km, and 12 km from Kasara Railway station. You will find share auto and taxi from Kasara Railway Station. You can visit this spot between June to September. You will appreciate and adore this spot.

4) Kalsubai Peak -

kalsubai Peak

Kalsubai top is the most elevated top in Maharashtra State. Barvi town is the beginning stage of this slope. Kalsubai top is arranged between Nashik's Igatpuri Taluka and Ahmednagar's Akole Taluka. The easiest way to arrive at Kalsubai is to get the train from the nearest central railway station which takes you to Igatpuri station. You will get State Transport Buses or private shared taxi towards Barvi town and you can begin your excursion from that point. The tallness of the Kalsubai Peak is 1646 meters (5400ft.) from ocean level. It will take you 3 hrs to 4hrs to ascend the mountain. At the point when you arrive at the highest point of the slope you will see staggering perspectives You will feel that your outing is stunning.

5) Ghatandevi Mandir -

Ghatandevi Mandir

On the end of Kasara ghat toward Igatpuri, you will see a temple on the left-hand side that temple is called Ghatandevi Temple. People believed that Ghatandevi protects us in the ghat. So many people who travel visit the temple and take blessings from Ghatandevi Temple.

6) Camel Valley -

Camel Valley is located in Mumbai Agra National Highway. It is 1k from Bhatsa River Valley and 5km from the Igatpuri Railway station Manas resort and Ghatandevi Mandir is the near places of Camel valley. These places can visit any time but the best season to see this valley in Monsoon and winter. You will see lots of waterfalls and skies around the valley. Be careful there this place is open there is no barricade or fencing over there.

7) Vipassana International Academy ( Dhammgiri ) -

Vipassana International Academy (Dhammgiri)

This spot is situated close to Igatpuri near the rail route station just as from the public expressway. It is around 120 km from Mumbai and it will take you approx 4 hours from your vehicle and Nashik is 40 km and it will take you 1 hrs of the excursion to arrive at Dhammagiri. This is the biggest vipassana focus in India. Dhammagiri is popular in India. Individuals from everywhere India came here to vipassana and for vipassana, they don't charge single rupees this middle is controlled by the lone gift. Here you help how to quiet yourself, how to spur, how to think positive whenever, how to keep away from terrible things throughout everyday life, How to manage your issues and the main thing is the way to never lie. Everybody should visit this spot one time in life it will completely change you.

8) Amruteshwar Temple -

 Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is located in Ratanwadi village near Bhandardara . In the 9th century, King Jhanj of the Shilahara dynasty made this Lord Shiv Temple. This temple is almost 1200 years old. Amruteshwar temple is constructed near the Pravara river.

9) Darna Dam -

Darna Dam

In Igatpuri you will find plenty of Dams. Most of all dams provide fresh water to Mumbai and Thane districts. Darna Dam is 35 km away from Igatpuri. This dam provides water to Sinnar and Nashik. The height of the dam is 28meter from the ground and the length 1634meter.

10) Avandha Fort -

Avandha Fort

On 11 January 1688 Mughal captured this fort from the Maratha empire. This fort was again captured by the Maratha empire in Peshwa duration after that the fort was ruled by British Empire now controlled by the Indian Government. This fort for trekkers is dangerous but professional trackers track this fort with all equipment.

11) Madangad Fort -

Madangad Fort

This fort is in ambevadi village and constructed in the highest peak of the mountains. This place is quite away from the Igatpuri. This Fort was built 4900ft above sea level. You can hire a local guide from the village he will guide you and give detail about the fort as well as he will manage your breakfast and lunch. You will not find a hotel or restaurant near this fort. You should plan your journey for one day return.

12) Karoli Ghat -

Karoli Ghat

Most adventures trek in monsoon Karoli Ghat...Try your adventure thrust in the valleys and the walls through the dense Jungle and crystal clear water, streams, You will see a reverse waterfall and rainbow, river crossing, rappelling, climbing, cliff jumping taste every adventure in a day. Green surroundings, majestic and misty clouds covering dark and the dense jungle...beautiful pictures square... mind-blowing view Sahyadri Mountain Range. crossing many water streams, muddy walk with amazing chirping bird & waterfalls sounds.

13) Sandhan Valley -

Sandhan Valley

Sandhan valley is one of the most famous places for trekking. This place is you can visit the whole year. There is no hotel or any other place you should carry your essential kinds of stuff and medical kit. You will find many tour guide for sandhan valley on google you can contact them and they will arrange your trip like pick up and drop destination and food.

14) Kasara Ghat -

Kasara Ghat

Kasara city came under the Thane district, and the Kasara ghat route connects Mumbai and Nashik via the Mumbai Agra National Highway. Kasara ghat is the first ghat on the Mumbai Agra highway towards Nashik. This ghat will take 15 mins to cover the ghat. This ghat is also known as Thal ghat. This place is around 80 km from Mumbai and 60 km from Kalyan, 15 km from Igatpuri. From June to January you will see the beautiful scenery at Kasara. Kasara ghat is one of the safest ghats in Maharashtra. You will see every Sunday bikers come from Mumbai and from near places to enjoy their journey.

Hotels and resorts to stay in Igatpuri.

You will find affordable luxury hotels in Igatpuri. You will also book a private villa here. You will also get affordable and luxury villas. The average price is 600 to 1000 rs per day in hotels. You can also book a hotel online from a travel company. Here are some villas where you should go with your family and friends. Sky water villa, Manas resort, o2 villa.

How many days to spend in Igaptpuri.

Igatpuri is a big destination to travel to. If you want to cover all the places, you should plan your journey accordingly to your places. To cover all the places, then you should need at least a 3-day trip.

Budget for Igatpuri

The budget of Igatpuri is dependent on person to person. If you plan a trip to Igatpuri for 2N 3D, then it will cost you 5k to 10k per person. You will get a budget hotel to a luxury villa and resort as per our choice.

Best season to visit Igatpuri

If you are planning to visit Igatpuri, you can visit between June to January month, this time consider as the best season to visit Igatpuri. You will see paradise with your open eyes in the rainy and cloudy season. In the monsoon season, mists will wander close to you. You will see yourself in the cloud.