Discover the natural wonders that await just a short distance from Pune, as we unveil the best waterfalls in the region. Immerse yourself in the beauty of cascading waters, surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil landscapes. Each waterfall offers a unique experience, whether the awe-inspiring height, the soothing sound of water, or the opportunity to take a refreshing dip. Get ready to embark on a memorable journey to these breathtaking natural wonders, where you can escape the city and connect with the beauty of nature.

Here are some list of the Waterfalls list near Pune

01) Bhendewadi Waterfall

Bhendewadi Waterfall

Bendewadi Waterfall is located in Bhendewadi village, around 70 km from Pune city and Lonavala is 50km. If you are travelling from Pune, you can take the old Mumbai-Pune expressway, you will get to Kanhe phata from there take a right turn and this route will lead you to Thokarwadi dam. Bhendewadi is a very small village and here you can see lots of small and medium size waterfalls falling from the mountains. Here you can visit also Lalwadi Waterfall and Jagtapwadi Waterfall. Once you reach the village park your vehicle and start walking around 300 meters to visit the beautiful waterfall.

02) Kanchan Waterfall

Kanchan  Waterfall

Kanchan Waterfall also known as Ambe Hatvij. This Waterfall is located in Junnar taluka, Pune. From the city, it is 125 km. This waterfall gains more and more tourists every year. Kanchan Waterfall is located in the mountain area and falls from the descent height. The easiest route to reach the waterfall is to take Pune-Chakan_NarayanGaon- Ambe Village.

03) Walen Waterfall

Walen  Waterfall

Walen waterfall is just 45 km away from Pune City towards the Mulshi Dam. It will take around 2 hours of journey to reach here. This waterfall is small but one of the safest waterfalls in Pune. People from nearby places visit every year to enjoy.

04) Palase Waterfall

Palase Waterfalls

Palase waterfall is located in the most beautiful place of Tamhini Ghat. It is 55 km from Pune City. On the way to Tamhini ghat head towards the Palase village. This waterfall gets its name from the village itself. It's a 10 to 15 min trek from the parking area then you will reach to waterfall's first phase. You can also enjoy it here, If you are an adventures then trek down from the jungle to the main waterfall trek around 20 mins more you will see beautiful water falling from the mountain in the middle of the forest.

05) Secret Waterfall - Tamhini Ghat

Secret Waterfall

You must seen a video of Secret Waterfall on Youtube or any other social media. It is one of the famous and most beautiful waterfalls located in Tamhini Ghat. This waterfall is located in Bedgaon. From Pune, it is 90 km and from Mumbai, it is 126 km. Travelling from Tamhini Ghat during the monsoon season is one of the best experiences you will have in your memory. From Bedgaon village it will take 20 mins trek to reach the waterfall. Villagers take some entry fees to visit the waterfall and they will also give you a lifejacket. Devkund waterfall is near this waterfall

06) Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall

Jagtap Waterfall is a private waterfall and it is paid waterfall. If you want to visit this waterfall you have to purchase an entry ticket to visit this waterfall. It is 53 km from Pune city. From Pune take a right turn from Kanhe phata which leads you to the waterfall. This waterfall place is well maintained and created a play area also for enjoying. You have a hotel and changing room inside this place. If you are coming with a family this waterfall is an ideal place for your family.

07) Madhe Ghat Waterfall

Madhe Ghat Waterfall

Madhe Gaht waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Pune district. It is around 85km from Pune city and it took around 3 hours to reach. To reach here follow the Pune-Khandewadi-Velhe-Kelad route. You will get to the top of the hill of the waterfall.

08) Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterfall

Kalu Waterfall is located in Malshej Ghat, Junnar. Khireshwar village is the nearest village to the waterfall. If you go from Khireshwar village you will reach the top side of the waterfall and it is the easiest way to reach or you can also go downside of the waterfall from Sawarne village. It is 140 km from Pune city and from Mumbai, it is 150 km. This waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in western Maharashtra. Kalu waterfall is located in Malshej Ghat where you can find hundreds of waterfalls on your route.

09) Reverse Waterfall

Reverse Waterfall

Reverse Waterfall also known as Naneghat Waterfall is a very famous waterfall in Maharashtra. Travellers from Mumbai and Pune visit there. You must see this waterfall on social media. Most of the travellers visit this waterfall and upload this waterfall.

10) Kataldhar Waterfall

Kataldhar Waterfall

This waterfall is the most famous in Pune. From Pune city, it is 75 km and Lonavala it’s 12 km towards Valvan dam. 88 km from Mumbai. Kataldhar waterfall trek is difficult to trek. If you are planning to trek carry all the medical stuff and food with you. If you hire a guide it will benefit you to reach the waterfall otherwise there is a chance for lost your route.

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